Crusade Ministry

By the Grace of God we have played a major part in the arrangements of many Crusade and we stand witness to the marvelous works of the Holy Spirit in the Mighty Name of Lord Jesus Christ. Despite some unfavorable circumstances the message of the Gospel had successfully been conveyed to the nations that. Jesus Lives, Rules, Blesses and heals all who come to Him.

We have independently arranged two Massine Crusades in the second part and are waiting for the final supply of some world renowned warriors of the Lord to visit Pakistan, to heal the sick, give hope to the forsaken and ——— encourage those who want to wrestle against the dark forces in the Might Name of Lord Jesus Christ. We firmly believe that according to the Gospel nothing can stop the efforts for the Lord the pave the way for His 2nd Coming. Please feel free to contact us if you want to come out of your comfortable zone and preach the Gospel in our believed county Pakistan. We believe that In Jesus we are safe any where we go to Glorify Him.

Our prayer groups are busy in praying for the success of all those who are working for the Kingdom in and around Pakistan. May God Bless You all abundantly More and arable us to Glorify Him in these End of The Days. In the Mighty Name of Lord Jesus Christ Our Saviors.