Faith Television Network

FTN is one of the fastest growing  Christian television net works in Pakistan.  We are determinate to reach souls with Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ  and  Jesus Christ of Gospel and we seek out every available means of information to do so Through its net work. FTN is giving Good News to the people who are trying to hands to keep their faith in difficult situation. FTN team is committed to bring delight, confidants and hope in the life of people through its programs. FTN is broad casting extensive blend of international programs to many homes of Pakistan. FTN TV aims to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Jesus Christ of Gospel in its original meanings in the Pakistan’s most popular language Urdu.


This language can be understood by a wide range of people of the sub-continent. For this we broad cast messages, sermons and teachings of some wonderful preachers of the “Last Days” after translating and dubbing them in URDU.


Everyday, Many lives hearts and souls are being refreshed, renewed and delighted in the name of lord Jesus Christ through FTN.

The FTN teams invite you to broadcast your programs and become a chosen providence of God in the name of Lord Jesus Christ to change the loves of the suffering at the hands of devil and it forsaken, disjointed who are devil and its forces.

Our Mission,

Our mission is to bring peace and harmony among the people of Pakistan, especially among all the denomination of our community to prepare the way for the second coming of our lord.

The entire team believes that it’s a part of God’s plan for the “End of the Days”. We aim to provide a non-political and non sections platform where all of the believes can get together and pray for the prosperity, solidarity and well being of Pakistan as a whole and the Christian community living in it. We are working to build Church, help poor, sick and illiterate men, women and children of our community. We want to bring about a much needed revival in the believers of Pakistan. For this we are translating messages, talk shoes, sermons and teaching of some great preachers to 5.5 millions people right now.

We wants to translate books that can give hope, strength, faith and bring happiness and delight in lives of believers in Pakistan.

We hope to search millions of more people very soon. Therefore our ministry is interested to provide you a chance to preach to all of our viewers, listeners and readers who need to believe that God will do every thing for them and their love ones.

FTN:    A Church Without Walls as Christ protects it with His blood

FTN brings Life, Hope, and Delight in Lives of the sad and hopeless people.

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