The 1973 Constitution of Pakistan has given the equal rights of citizenship to minorities of Pakistan but on the other hand in every field of life Christians are treated as a second and third grade of citizen. Situation of Christian people about education, food, health and jobs is very poor because Christian community in Pakistan is financially very poor we are not financially well supported by Government.

There are two kinds of Christians living in Pakistan one kind of persons are those who are literate and working in the field of Education, Hospitals and different Government offices these literate people are also treated as a second grade citizens and are facing discrimination at the places where they are working and the other kind of people who are illiterate and financially not in better position these kind of people mostly working as house keepers and works in factories and mills.

They can live without education but they will die if they don’t have food or any income. A domestic worker earns PAK Rs. 400 to Rs 500 daily which is equal to US$4.77 to US$5.96 and it is not enough to live better life, so it is difficult for them to educate their children How it is possible for parents to educate their children in this less income so they can only feed their children and cannot educate them.

Our ministry is serving to deserving students by giving uniforms, books, stationery and paying their academic fee we are doing it on our own sources on very small scale but we wanted to do as much that the children of our community could become better citizen of society by getting better education.