Helping Orphans

We are bringing up orphan’s who hail from different cities and belong  to the same sphere of life . God has blessed us in the form of dedicated and spirit filled people to work for the Lord.


Our team is busy in bringing up 141 orphans children in the best possible way according to the available resources .We are providing them Spiritual and Educational facilities. We want to provide technical training to their children.

For this we need a building to bring them under a single roof.


We are under tremendous pressure from the relatives of their children for uniform their children were working on shops, road side hotels, workshops etc. we are compensating their relatives to educate them.


We are hopeful and committed to pressure spiritual relationships to spread the love of Jesus Christ. We believe that people of god will take the initiative to help us by:

  • Praying for us.
  • Assisting us financially.
  • Supporting us Morally.
  • Send us funds.
  • Adopt some children.

Urgent Support:

Arrange for necessities such as books, copies, shoes, bags, clothes, medicines and food etc.

There are many more children waiting for their turn to be blessed like there 141 children.

Let’s join hands to spread the Love and Word of Our Lord.

Looking forward to a Blessed Association.