Projector Ministry

The team of Saint Luke Ministries Pakistan visit remote areas to spread the Gospel with the help of a Projector. We arrange meetings in those areas where most of the people cannot read or write. The people have always shown a keen interest in watching Christian Movies Like Jesus Film and some others, Sermons, Teachings and General Awareness Programs.

Our Projector Ministry is working hard to sow the seed among Kiln Workers, People of Undeveloped and Poor Localities, Villages and Unreachable Areas. Our Three teams are working really hard to reach 800 to 900 people daily. It is easy for us to show them Films and Dubbed Programs where there is no electricity. The people are becoming stronger in Faith and Hope with every passing day. We have a lot of area to cover but presently we are doing, whatever the best can be done in are scarce resources.

We visit different Family Groups and distribute, free CDs, DVDs and books translated in our Native language by the dedicated team of Saint Luke Ministries that is also responsible for running its Television Network.

So far we have been successfully in spreading all awareness plan to certain areas in and around Province Punjab. We hope to reach all those who are waiting for a miracle in their lives. For that we have a vision to expand our projector ministry to greater horizons. We need your spiritual and moral support and need your continue prayers.