Health Care

We have got a start this project in a comprehensive way but, mean while we provide medicines and financial assistance to the poor people of our community on a very small scale. There are many more who need our help.

We need your prayers and financial assistance along with moral support to expand our project.

You know that high prices of medicines and medical facilities have affected all of us.

Some of our team members cannot afford their treatment and sometimes expect help from the organization.

Really we need to look after a lot of white collared people in this respect Lets join hands to help there people who are really in need of your assistance.

Working for drugs Addicted:

Addiction to differenced narcotics has made the Youth of our community in the worst possible way.

We have come across very disappointing stories of our young boys who have lost their lives at the hands of drugs. Some of the Youth are about to die and the rest are approaching their end at a very fast rate.

Our Mission is to rehabilitate there young people and see them as a living testimony of our living Lord who can do anything for us.

We are holding worship services and provide them counselling to overcome the addiction in the Name of Lord Jesus Christ.

We have got a great talk that requires your prays and financial assistance.

We have to fight everything that comes in their way. There had repute has earned them a permanent place in the registers of local low enforcing agencies that keeps on bothering them. We need to bring most of them under a single roof. Let’s join hands to make their talented young people a force for the Living Lord.