Outreach Mission

Saint Luke Ministries Pakistan has been trying hard to reach those areas where people are suffering due to the lake basic facilities. Our team visit different remote areas to give hope and pacify those who are waiting for the divine provision. We preach the love of God to make them understand what ever is happening in their lives. So far we have visited many places all over Pakistan as much we could financially afford and nothing can stop us to do so. Our victors from abroad have always shown a keen interest to meet those people. Despites various threats we have successfully been visiting in Pakistan.

Our guest paid door to door visits and spread the word of hope , strength and wisdom. The powerful works of the Holy Spirit among them provide enough strength to fight against all the negativity that had previously paralyzed them spiritually.

We thanks our Lord for enabling our team  to spread the Gospel in those  areas where no one has gone before. We need to expand the perimeter of our visit to such areas. As an underdeveloped county we have got a vast areas where we would like to work for the God in the Name of Our Lord and the with the Power of The Holy Spirit.

Please feel free to contact us, we need your spiritual, moral and financial help to carry on our projects. In the mightiest name of Lord Jesus may God bless you all more and more Amen.