Vision & Mission



Saint Luke Ministries Pakistan is a non-denomination Christian mission organization that is working hard to up lift the Christian community of Pakistan. Our vision is to create a future for our children, free from drugs extremism, gun, illiteracy and we want to give them health, education, stability, hope and love.

 The fundamental scripture is Ephesians 1:1-14 and John 4:23-24. Our Ministries welcome the people teaches them about their identity destiny, kingdom of God, and heal those who are in need. In Jesus Christ, we strengthen hope, love and faith and encourage the people to face the challenges of hatred precaution, violence and victimization.

 We believe that nothing can stop the blessing, through the preaching of the Gospel. Since God has kept our vision alive by standing by His word and opening new doors to serve Him He is showing us the way to fulfill our vision.



Our mission is to fulfill the vision throughout the world as the Lord opens the new doors. We want to proclaim the truth in accordance with pure teachings so that we may fulfill the call of church whose chief priest and head is our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. So that the truth shall set the captives of hatred non tolerance, idol worshiping violence and sickness of every kind, free.

There force, we are committed to:

 Take the accomplished things to uplift the depressed, hopeless and socially forsaken people of our country without any discrimination of Cast, providing them; Food, Shelter,  Clean Water and Medical Care.

  • Evangelism in rural, urban and unreached areas.
  • Provide formal and religious education to the children of poor people and kiln workers.
  • Take care of the widows, orphans and old men and women.
  • Spread the truth through Faith Television net work, projector Ministry, family group mission and free Bible distribution.
  • Provide clean water to the poor Christian community living in undeveloped the nations.
  • Above all, to praise the Lord among the nations for His powerful works of the Holy Spirit that He has done for us individually and collectively in the name of Jesus Christ.